Grant Awardees

Under the implementation of the 11th EDF Regional Private Sector Development Programme Grants have been awarded to 171 CARIFORUM firms.

DAGS 1st Call for Proposals – 2018

Funding was approved for firms in the following sectors: agriculture, tourism, agro-processing, manufacturing, professional services, ICT, creative industries, renewable energy, distribution, timber and food industry.

Country/ FirmSum Requested ( € )
Antigua 177,404.59
Carib -World Travel
Inn La Galleria
Lamblion Group Co. Ltd
Ruth’s Place
Susie’s Hot Sauce
Blue Waters Productions Inc
Cybele Botanists Inc
Fiberpol Inc
Megapower Ltd
Belize 89,547.27
Belize Chocolate Company
Belize Diving Adventurers Limited
Naledo Belize Limited
Dominica 88,592.00
Caribbean Agro Products Corporation
Rodney’s Wellness Retreat Inc
Dominican Republic 135,780.68
Distribuidora ML, SRL
Flaquer & CIA, SRL
Procesadora Vizcaya
Grenada 92,944.31
Grenada Distillers Ltd
Sonover Inc
Guyana 200,000
BrainStreet Group
Cummings Wood Products
Edward B Beharry & Co. Ltd
Plympton Farms
Haiti 139,097.44
Glory Industries
LEOS / Essentielle Bio-Service
Rebuild Globally Haiti S.A
Jamaica 539,902.60
Aquarium Fish Exports Jamaica Limited
BAUGHaus Design Studio
Carita Jamaica Limited
Coffee Solutions Limited
Dawson Trading Company Limited
Eco Farms
Irie Rock Yaad Spa
Jamaica Fibreglass Products Limited
Maxfield Bakery & Pastries Limited
Quality Systems Solutions & Initiatives
Southern Fruits and Food Processors Ltd 
Tijule Company Limited
Touch By VLS
St. Kitts 35,000.00
Reach Hamilton Estate Community
St. Lucia 72,933.00
Baron Foods (St.Lucia) Ltd
Tenderoni Foods inc.
St. Vincent135,708.00
Hotel Alexandrina, Inc
Vincyfresh Limited
Young Island Resorts
Fernandes Ice Cream N.V
soRena’s Winery N.V
Trinidad & Tobago241,132.31
Abas Limited
BPI Genethics Ltd
Calibra Solutions Limited
Caribbean Cure Limited
Trinidad & Tobago Fine Cocoa Company Limited

DAGS 2nd Call for Proposals – 2019

Funding was approved for firms in the following sectors: agriculture, tourism, agro-processing, manufacturing, professional services, ICT, creative industries, health & wellness, distribution and environmental management.

Country/FirmSum Requested ( €)
Lamblion Group Co. Limited
Banks (Barbados) Breweries Limited
Cybele Botanists Inc.
West Indies Rum Distillery Limited
Caribbean Paper Company
Corridgeree Belize Limited
Hot Mama’s – Belize Limited
Layou Park Nature Farms (LPNF)
V F Inc
Dominican Republic149,873.28
Distribuidora ML, SRL
Flaquer & CIA S.R.L
Laboratorio MK, SRL
Procesadora Vizcaya
Ron Barcelo, S.R.L
Belmont Estate Fine Chocolate Inc
BrainStreet Group
Caribbean Surgery Inc
Cummings Wood Products
Woods Direct Inc.
A Taste of the Caribbean Limited
All Natural Caribbean Spice
Ansel Development Limited
A-Z Information Jamaica Limited
Central Food Packers Limited
Home Choice Enterprise Limited
Island Products Manufacturing Company Limited
Jamaica Macaroni Factory Limited
Journey’s End Wine Company Limited
P. A Benjamin Manufacturing Company Limited
Rainforest Seafoods Limited
Shavuot International Holdings Company Limited
Tijule Company Limited
St. Kitts30,000
Demerara Distillers (St. Kitts & Nevis) Limited
St. Lucia200,221
Celestial Self Development Corporation T/A Franklin Covey East Caribbean
Greening the Caribbean
Natmed Limited
Sunfresh Limited
Tenderoni Foods Inc
Tolyn Manufactures Limited
Viking Traders Limited
St. Vincent79,560
Gonsalves Liquors Limited
Grenadine Sea Salt Limited
Vincyfresh Limited
soRena’s Winery N.V
Caribbean Cure Limited
Caribbean Well Service Company Limited
Del Mano Food Limited
Fashion.Art.Music (FAM) Ltd
Fresh Start Limited
Hadco Limited
Imanex Limited
L & S Surveying Services Limited
Paywise Limited
Studio Jay Recording Limited

DSGP Call for Proposals – 2020

Funding has been approved for firms in the following sectors: agriculture, tourism, agro-processing, manufacturing, professional services, ICT, creative industries and health & wellness.

Country/ Company Project Description/TitleSector
Total Awarded (€)


BGK Ltd.
Vermicomposting Equipment Refurbish & Upgrade Project (VERUP)


KW101 Caribbean Holiday Apartments
Upgrade to Inverter Air Conditioners to Reduce Noise and Energy Consumption


Lamblion Group Company Ltd.
Upgrade to Inverter Air Conditioners and Market as Environmentally Sustainable Accommodation


C & G Star Trading Limited
Purchase of Liquid Filling Line of Equipment to Upgrade Plant

Curacao Laboratories (Barbados) Limited
Outfit New Factory Equipment to Allow for Increased Capacity, Thus Increased ExportsManufacturing15,000

Fiberpol Inc.
Purchase Equipment to Improve the Tank Assembly Process

Wyndhams CTL Inc.
Automate the Label Creation and Application Processes in Product Manufacturing to Increase Productivity and Export Capacity

Belize Chocolate Company
Belize Chocolate Company Conversion to Renewable Energy – Phase One.


Calico Jack’s Village Ltd.
Challenge Course Certification and Upgrade Project (CCCU Project)


Rainforest Remedies Limited
Solar System and Expeller for Processing Remedies and Coconut Oil



DCP Successors Limited
Purchase and Installation of Printer Cutter with Embossing System for Soap Factory


Jaydees Naturals
Purchase of Equipment, Raw Materials and the Outfitting of Manufacturing Space
Health & Wellness


Rodney’s Wellness Retreat Inc.
Improve Lighting of the Grounds, Complete Rain Water Harvesting System, and Upgrade Website and E-commerce Capacity
Health & Wellness



Berges Dreyfous & Asociados, SRLRenewable Energy Production Through Solar Panels InstallationProfessional Services15,000
Caribbean Labs & TradersPurchase Heavy-Duty Planetary Mixer 60 QuartsManufacturing5043.75
Procesadora VizcayaRelaunch of Line of Fruit Paste Through New Horizontal Wrapper Machine.Agro-processing15,000
B & F Holdings LtdIncrease Brand Awareness and Expand The Company’s Production Capacity through Purchase of Equipment.Manufacturing15,000
De La Grenade Industries, Ltd.Create a Consistent Brand Image and Responsive Website to Boost Product SalesAgro-processing15,000
Michelle’s ConfectioneryMichelle’s Confectionery Equipment Purchase & Upgrade ProjectManufacturing15,000
SONOVER INC.Create a SFIN (Sonover Finance) Lending Mobile ApplicationAgro-processing15,000


Innovative Systems IncorporatedBusiness Continuity Opportunity Implementation of Quality Management System (ISO9001:2015) and Equipment UpgradeICT14,500
New Horizons InvestmentsImprove Marketing Processes and Purchase Farming and Agro-processing EquipmentAgro-processing15,000
Personalised Gifts GuyanaUpgrade to Inverter Air Conditioners and Purchase Manufacturing Equipment to Increase ProductivityCreative Industries15,000


Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation S.A.Digital Marketing Project to Build Demand for Exported Lavi Spicy Peanut ButterAgro-processing14,998
Audate Saint Lot et Co (AgroBizz)Purchase of Production and Merchandising Equipment, Installation of Solar System, Upgrade of Accounting System and Marketing, and Trademark RegistrationAgro-processing15,000
Bijou LakayImprove Brand Image by Creating a Digital Footprint and Conduct Market ResearchCreative Industries12,000
D. E. G. Enterprises SAIncrease Production Capacity of Pilot Plant Distillery at Carrefour, HaitiManufacturing15,000



Arosa Limited
Achieving HACCP CertificationAgro-processing13,120

BAUGHaus Design Studio
Purchase Production Equipment, Improve Packaging System, and Improve Marketing and PromotionsManufacturing15,000

CNC Wellness Ltd.
The Integration of Renewable Energy Source into CNC Wellness Operations.Manufacturing15,000

Coffee Solutions Limited
New Packaging & Product DifferentiationAgro-processing13,531.79

Dawson Trading Company Limited
Purchase of Equipment and Marketing & PromotionsAgro-processing15,000

EnvironMed Limited
Improve Beekeeping Efficiency, Monitoring, and Packaging System and Develop and Implement a Sales and Marketing CampaignManufacturing15,000

Herboo Corporation Limited
Research & Development of New Product Line, Market Research, Product Certification, and MarketingHealth & Wellness15,000

Irie Rock Yaad Spa
Undertake Marketing Campaign to Build Brand Awareness and Introduce New Product LineManufacturing15,000

Jamaica Fibreglass Products Ltd.
Strengthening Market Presence Through Increased Marketing and PromotionsManufacturing15,000

Jamrock Tours Limited
Develop an Online Travel Portal SolutionTourusm15,000

Kokobeenz Limited
Business ContinuityManufacturing15,000

Kountry Delight Enterprise Limited
Purchase Production Equipment, Conduct HACCP Gap Audit and Develop HACCP Procedures, and Develop WebsiteAgro-processing15,000

Quintessential Beauty Jamaica Limited
Purchase of Equipment and Digital Marketing for Caribbean Spa & Wellness Online Training (C-SWOT) ProjectHealth & Wellness14,388.14

Shavuot International Holdings Co. Ltd.
Sterilization/Disinfection, Certification & E-CommerceManufacturing15,000

Southern Fruits and Food Processors Ltd.
Purchase of Production Equipment and Improve IT SystemAgro-processing15,000

Spur Tree Spices Jamaica Limited
Enhancing Digital Footprint Through Website Upgrade, Digital Marketing Programme and Video DemonstrationsAgro-processing14,814

Taynas Body Care
Purchase of Equipment and Marketing & PromotionsManufacturing9,913.03

Wynlee Trading Company Ltd.
Retooling of Factory through the Purchase of Sewing Machines and Other EquipmentManufacturing14,043.7



Accela Marketing
Strengthening Agency Capability Through DigitizationProfessional Services15,000

Cacoa Sainte Lucie
Procurement of Semi-Automated Chocolate Tempering Machine for Increased Production CapacityManufacturing15,000

eMagine Solutions Inc.
Shopfront Online Marketplace for Retailers, Service Providers, Restaurants and Delivery ServicesICT13,358.95

FDL Consult Inc.
Procurement of A Light Weight Deflectometer and Training to Improve Design EfficacyProfessional Services15,000

The Windward Islands (Winera) Packaging Co. Ltd.
Commercial 20kW 480V Three Phase Gridtie Photovoltaic SystemManufacturing15,000


National Handicraft and Cottage Industry Development Board d.b.a. The Craft House
Website Development and Computer System UpgradeCreative Industries14,782.71
Sugar Town OrganicsPurchase of Production Equipment, Raw Materials, and Packaging Materials and Improve Marketing and PromotionsHealth & Wellness15,000


Ocean Marine Shipping Agencies Ltd.
Equipment Upgrade to Reduce the Cost of Doing BusinessAgro-processing15,000


Tan Bun Skrati N.V.Upgrade of Production Equipment, Purchase and Installation of Inverter Air Conditioner, and Website DesignAgro-processing14,951

Kairos Maritime Services Ltd.
Completion of Off-Grid Mobile Container OfficeProfessional Services15,000
One Eleuthera FoundationPurchase of Production Equipment and Raw Materials and Capacity Building of Agro-processorsAgro-processing15,000
The Coconut FactoryCoconut Coir Soil Processing ProjectManufacturing15,000



Caribbean Sheet & Tubular Industries Limited (CA.S.A.T.)
Purchase of A Powder Coating OvenManufacturing15,000
Island ExperiencesEquipment Upgrade and Marketing and Promotions including Website UgradeTourism12,866
Land Ice and Fish Ltd.Increase Ice Making and Storage Capacity to Meet DemandAgro-processing15,000
Media & Editorial Projects LimitedMarketing & Promotions including Branding and Design, Development and Implementation of a Digital Marketing Plan, and Website UpgradeProfessional Services15,000
Micro Milling LimitedAcquisition of Volumetric Screw Feeders for New Thinset PlantManufacturing15,000
North ElevenPurchase of Animation Production Technologies and Enhancemnt of Company’s Visibility through Marketing and PromotionsCreative Industries15,000

TAP Grant Call for Proposals – 2021

Funding has been awarded to firms in the following sectors: professional services, health & wellness, manufacturing, ICT, tourism, agro-processing, food & beverage, creative industries, agriculture, construction and renewable energy.

Country/CompanyProject Description/TitleSectorAmount Requested (USD)

MSB EnterpriseAchieving Food Security using Photovoltaic InnovationAgriculture15,000

LCI Consulting Inc.Developing Expertise for Consulting in Organisational Design and Institutional StrengtheningProfessional Services15,000
Body MekanixUpgrade Website Structure and Content and Advertise OnlineHealth & Wellness15,000
G & A Communications Inc.Digitalisation of HR Systems, Policy Reform, and Capacity Building of Human ResourcesProfessional Services15,000
Native Caribbean Ltd.Market Research, Development of an Export Strategy, and Promotion of ProductsManufacturing15,000
Roots & Rhythms of BarbadosManufacture of Low Carbohydrate/Keto Diabetic Friendly Food ItemsHealth & Wellness14,996
Clermont Labs Inc. DBA Hopscotch DeliveryImplement and Advertise a Membership ProgrammeICT15,000
Advanced Computer Services Inc. (ACS)Installation of an Independent Off Grid Electricity/Solar SystemICT15,000
Skyviews Inc.Development of a WordPress Website and Hybrid Mobile ApplicationTourism14,999
Aqualoc CorporationExpand Honey Production Apiary and Marketing & Promotions including Branding, Website Development, and Labelling and Packaging DesignAgro-processing15,000
Interactive Mobile Solutions Inc.IMS Marketing Campaign for Customer Growth Supported by Staff Training & IT DevelopmentProfessional Services15,000
P & D Enterprises LimitedOutfitting of Restaurant, Marketing & Promotions including Rebranding, a Social Media Campaign, and Website Development, and Capacity building of StaffFood & Beverage15,000
Wellness Music CreativeDevelopment of an Online Piano CourseCreative Industries15,000

Umbraland BootsCapacity Building for Environmentally-friendly Leather Production at Umbraland Boot Manufacturing, BelizeManufacturing15,000
Intranet SystemsYoung Business and Education Resource CenterICT15,000
Smiling MeatsPurchase of Production Equipment, Website Development, and Capacity Building of Staff for HACCP CertificationAgro-processing15,000


Live Your Nature – Wellness Services & ProductsProduct Testing and Standards Certification, Development of a Business Expansion Plan, Equipment & Systems Upgrade, and MarketingHealth & Wellness15,000
KPB Chartered AccountantsPurchase of Computer Equipment and Software, Development of an Interactive Website, and Launch of New ProductProfessional Services5,000
Eclat Nova LuxuriesPurchase and Installation of Production Equipment, Development of an E-commerce Website, Branding, and, Testing and Certification of Skin Care ProductsAgro-processing15,000


Funtastic Island Adventures Ltd.Upgrade of excursion vehicles, Capacity Building of Employees, and Improve Website and Social Media PagesTourism15,000

Glenelg Spring Water Inc.
Digital Marketing Project



EcoSolutions Inc.Procurement of New Woodworking Equipment, Development of a Strategic Plan, and Upgrade of Interactive WebsiteManufacturing15,000
Herstelling/Onverwagt Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited (HOMCS)HOMCS Digitilisation Project including Development of a Website and Social Media Pages and Implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution and Online Business PlatformsAgro-processing15,000
Semple’s FarmDevelopment of a Poultry Farm Management System, Purchase and Upgrade of the Computer System, Purchase and Installation of a Solar System, and Marketing and BrandingAgro-processing15,000


KAM Vetiver Oil ProductionEthical Bio-trade Practices Verification Audit – KAM Vetiver Oil ProductionAgro-processing14,800
TiSakSukMarketing and Promotion Support for TiSakSukCreative Industries15,000


Dirty Hands DesignsDigitalisation of Sales Processes and Solar System ImplementationManufacturing14,998.98
Digitronics LimitedDigitalisation and Transformation of Accounting Proceses and Purchase and Upgrade of Computer EquipmentICT15,000
Coldbush Organics LimitedProduct Testing and Certification, Digitalisation of Business Processes, Marketing & Promotions to include Website Development and Digital Marketing, and Implemtation of Water Storage and Recycling SystemAgro-processing15,000
The Real J’can EnterpriseE-commerce Marketing and Productivity EnhancementManufacturing14,934
Blue Banyan BooksDigitisation of Stories – Increasing Caribbean Publishing Revenue in International Markets with AudioboCreative Industries14,950
Derbar DistributersUpgrading Digital Marketing and Equipment for ExportAgro-processing15,000
Niritech Digital ServicesDevelopment of a Digital Course and Mobile Application, Purchase and Upgrade of Computer Equipment and Software, and Registration of Trademark and CopyrightsICT15,000
ProTradeConsultDevelopment of an E-commerce Website and 3 Pilot Workshops for Caribbean Solopreneurs and Micro Businesses, and Social Media CampaignProfessional Services15,000
Roll Labels & Packaging LimitedPurchase of Equipment, Market Testing of a New Product, Capacity Building of Staff in Equipment Operation, and Digital MarketingManufacturing15,000


Lloyd Mills Egg and Vegetable FarmRebuilding the Lloyd Mills Legacy through Sustainable Marketing PracticesAgriculture15,000
StylejerkAchieving Business Sustainability through Equipment Purchase and Upgrade, Outfitting of the Photography Studio, Marketing & Promotions, Installation of Business Process Systems and Software, and Registration of TrademarkCreative Industries15,000


FDL Pest Control Solutions Ltd. Purchase and Upgrade of Computer Equipment, Digital Marketing and Development of an E-commerce WebsitePest Control Services14,730.30
Island FavouritesDRIVE (Developing Raw Materials through Innovation and Versatile Engagement) – All-natural ProductsAgro-processing14,750
Eze Green Energy Company LimitedProduction of Biodiesel Fuel, Liquid Detergents and Hand Sanitizers from Recycled Vegetable OilManufacturing14,150
Fun Foods St. LuciaImprovement of Products via Testing and Branding.Agro-processing15,000

Island Network Inc.Expansion of Services via Capacity Building, Digital Presence, and BrandingCreative Industries15,000
Spencer & Associates Inc.Building Firm’s Capacity to Provide Financial Advisory Services and Training VirtuallyProfessional Services9,600


Humus Consulting N. V.Digitalisation of Business Processes, Capacity Building of Staff, and Redesign of Website and Branding StrategyProfessional Services14,635
Beta Group N.V.Achieving Sustainable Growth through Capacity Building, Certification, and Equipment UpgradeConstruction15,000
Caricom Livestock Farm N. V.Purchase and Upgrade of Manufacturing Equipment, Development of a Website, Marketing & Branding, and Capacity Building of Farmers and StaffAgro-processing15,000


Griffin Longe LawDigital Transformation and Business Process Optimisation of Griffin Longe LawProfessional Services15,000
Pulpy Frozen DessertsA Four-Month Consultancy to Develop a Comprehensive Growth Strategy for Implementation over a Five-Year PeriodManufacturing15,000
Hospitality Group Ltd.Development of Application for Booking Boating & Marine Based Tourism ProductsTourism14,900


Road Trip TT LimitedCreate E-commerce Functionality, Enhance the Digital Branding of Products and Services, and Research, Develop, and Market International Tourist PackagesTourism14,966
Personalised Quality Systems LimitedCARIB-EDU-SYS: A Caribbean Student Information SystemICT15,000
Happy Curls, Happy GirlsMarketing and Promotions including Rebranding, a Digital Marketing Campaign, Redesign of E-commerce Website, and SEO and Purchase and Installation of a CRM SystemManufacturing15,000
Dekking Ltd.Expansion of Business Into Export Markets Supported by Introduction to DigitilisationConstruction15,000
Lindy’s BitesDigitilisation of a Home-based Bakery and Introduction of Equipment to Improve EfficiencyManufacturing15,000
Estuary PR LimitedDigitalisation of Business Processes and Development of an Interactive WebsiteProfessional Services15,000
Virtana TT Ltd.Preparation, Application, and Publication of a Patent for VentriICT9,530
Renewable Energy Supplies & Services Company of Trinidad and Tobago (RESSCOTT) LimitedSafe to Work Asessment/Certification, Purchase and Installation of Computer Equipment and Software, and Website RedesignRenewable Energy14,700
Rojas Engineering Ltd.Product Research, Development and Launch of Metal Furniture, Furnishings and Door LineManufacturing15,000
MarbevA Proximity Marketing, Mobile Coupons, M-Commerce for Businesses & Consumers within CARICOMICT14,838.63
Innovation Activators LimitedCaribbean Baby Products – Marketing and Promotions for Product Export to the DiasporaCreative Industries15,000
De Jeunesse Bath and Body ProductsProduct Development and Testing, Redesign of Website and Search Engine Optimisation, Certification and Registration of Trademark, Purchase and Upgrade of Manufacturing Equipment, and Development of Marketing VideosManufacturing15,000


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